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GitHub project available with code examples

Here's a new and (possibly) cool feature regarding the blog: there are now code examples to be checked out and tried that you can download from Github. The code location is: Here are some details and how to run the test project: - Project is Maven based, so you need to have Maven installed on your computer. - The project needs to be run with Java 8. - Project uses: TestNG for the assertions, Selenium 3, Chrome to run the tests (so you need to have Chrome installed on your computer). - The project can be run on Win, Linux, OsX. - After downloading the code, before running any test, the following Maven clean install command needs to be run on the root folder of the example project: mvn clean install. This must result in a 'Build Success' output. - All test examples will be grouped in packages, in src/test/java. For example, the first code example has the tests in the following location: src/test/java/seOO/example1. The non-test code parts are found in src/main/java (the PageObjects and other helper classes). - Running a test is done as you would run any TestNG test: Run As --> TestNG test.

Code examples will be uploaded to the GitHub project for easier understanding.

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